Rental Tax Rebate

If you have purchased a property in the last two years that you intend to use as a rental property, Canada Home Tax Rebate can help you receive thousands in government rebates. We utilize our experience to ensure that we not only file the correct forms to the Canadian government, but we also check for other rebates that you may be eligible for. To qualify for a Rental Rebate Tax credit for any landlord under the following conditions:

  • Purchased newly constructed or substantially renovated housing from a builder
  • Constructed, or hired someone else to build, housing or an addition to housing
  • Substantially renovated, or hired someone else to substantially renovate, housing
  • Converted a non-residential property into housing
  • Made an exempt lease or sublease of land to another person.

There are some situations or processes that exclude landlords from the major rental rebates. Some exclusions to the rental rebate tax are:

  • Purchased a residential rental property and the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) was not payable on the purchase (for example, the purchase of an apartment building that is already occupied by tenants)
  • Are a builder of housing, or an addition to multiple unit housing and you are not considered to have made a taxable self-supply
  • Are an individual who purchased or constructed a new house or substantially renovated your existing house for use as your or your relation’s primary place of residence.

Our experts are familiar with Canada-wide and province specific tax credits and rebates and will help you along the process, ensuring that you get the most out of your rental property. Reach out to us today to have your questions answered!

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