GST/HST Condominium Tax Refund Process

Our process is incredibly simple. We have streamlined our service to require the least amount of work for you! Our process will provide updates on the website, including any notes from our refund specialists.

The standard process for condominium tax refunds is as follows:

1. Account Creation

Create an account on our website. This lets us contact you regarding the status of all submitted applications.

2. Eligibility Assessment

These questions are to verify that you are indeed eligible for a condominium tax refund, and that you agree to let us process all of the information for you.

3. Submit documents from your recently purchased condominium

These documents allow us to take the information from your recently purchased condominium, and file and submit all relevant files to the Canadian Government on your behalf.

4. Let us do the rest of the work!

After your documents are submitted to us, we will complete and submit all applicable forms.

5. After Submission

After all of your documents are submitted you will receive email updates on the progress of your forms.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ before starting.

7. Pick up your cheque!

After the process is completed. We will inform you and all you have to do is come and pick up your cheque from our office!

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Agreement of purchase and sale, closing
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Receive your rebate in 4-6 weeks